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CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is the starting point for all learner motorcyclists and was introduced in 1990 to help reduce the very high accident rate among inexperienced motorcycle and moped riders.

We run courses six days a week and can offer you hire of either a 50cc automatic scooter or a 125cc Yamaha YBR125 motorcycle. If you’d prefer to complete the CBT on your own motorcycle, this is fine; but the bike must be insured, taxed and road legal.

CBT is not a test and there is no exam – it is a training course which you are required to complete satisfactorily. The CBT course syllabus includes five elements and these five elements have to be completed in turn.

You can only move on to the next element when your instructor is satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe, basic level.

Very briefly, the structure of the course is as follows-

A. Introduction

Discussion about the aims and purpose of the CBT course and a look at motorcycle clothing and helmets.

B. Practical on-site training

A thorough look at the motorcycle’s controls and how they should be used.

C. Practical on-site riding

Completing a number of riding exercises within our enclosed training area to gain full control of the machine.

D. Practical on-road training

A discussion about road safety and how we safely negotiate junctions and other hazards while riding.

E. Practical on-road riding

Riding on the public highway with an instructor in radio contact.

Most people do get through CBT on the first attempt, but if you do not, we operate a guaranteed training scheme. When attending for your course, you will need to dress appropriately, bring your UK licence with you (both the paper counterpart and the photo-card if it is the photo-card licence) and glasses or contact lenses if normally worn.

All learner motorcyclists and moped riders must satisfactorily complete CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) before riding on the road.

The CBT course covers 5 elements A- E, which must to be taken in sequence. The whole course takes between 6 and 8 hours but can be spread over 2 or more days if preferred.

The CBT training courses can only be run by ‘Approved Training Bodies’ (ATBs) who have instructors who are DSA (Driving Standards Agency) accredited.  Scotti Knights Instructors are all DSA accredited.

When you have successfully completed all 5 elements you’ll be issued with a Certificate of Completion of training (DL196) which enables you to ride on the road on a learner legal motorcycle.

CBT certificates are valid for two years, if after that time you still wish to ride as a learner, you will need to retake your CBT. However, most people should aim to pass the full motorcycle test even if they don’t want to ride a bigger motorcycle. Insurance is typically cheaper and you won’t need to keep retaking CBT every two years.

If you decide to progress to a full bike license, you can apply for the DSA motorcycle theory test and go on to take the DSA practical tests.

Our CBT’s are currently priced at £120. To book, give us a call or enquire online.

A2 is aimed at those between the ages of 19 – 23 and for riders who only want to ride bikes up to 46.6bhp.

This category of licence is designed to allow you to move up from a 125 to bigger machines, although there is still some restriction. At Scotti Knights, we use Suzuki 500cc motorcycles which fall within the A2 category.

You must complete a CBT and motorcycle theory test before going in for your test.

Prices start at £550 for our four day course, while our 5 day course is £650

Our prices are fully inclusive of all bike hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire (helmets jackets, gloves etc).

DAS – Take your test on a 600cc “big bike” and once passed, ride any size bike – without restrictions.

The Direct Access Scheme (DAS) allows riders aged 24 or over to take a test on a large motorcycle, allowing them upon passing the test to ride any motorcycle without restrictions – giving the successful candidate a full class A licence. Under 24s are eligible to take a class A licence test if they have had a class A2 licence for 2 or more years.

You must complete a CBT, a motorcycle theory test and take your 2 practical tests on a minimum 600cc motorcycle. See our section The Tests.

Our prices for motorbike lessons are fully inclusive of all bike hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire (helmets jackets, gloves etc). No hidden extras.

Prices start at £550 for our four day course, while our 5 day course is £650

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0161 973 3450.

So we can discuss and advise you on your advanced training requirement, please ring our training centre on 0161 973 3450 to arrange a suitable day and time. We can then devise a specific course and give you a reasonable and competitive quote. 

Our prices for motorbike lessons are fully inclusive of all bike hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire (helmets jackets, gloves etc)


Our Rider Refresher course is aimed at those who hold full bike licenses, but haven’t rode a motorcycle for a few years…

Motorcycling can be a daunting prospect with modern road conditions so much busier than 10/15/25 years ago. With 10 years  experience, our instructors can help and support you getting back in the saddle safely and with confidence.

We teach you all new tricks and get you up to date with all the latest Direct Access Scheme procedures, techniques and survival knowledge, bringing you up to modern test standards, so you can enjoy the freedom, pleasure and excitement of motorcycling.

Our prices for motorbike lessons are fully inclusive of all bike hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire (helmets jackets, gloves etc) – furthermore, you can decide whether to do your motorcycle training on a 125,  500 or 600 cc motorcycle, depending on how you feel.

Contact our training centre on 0161 973 3450 to discuss your requirement and receive an extremely competitive price per hour.

What should I bring with me?

We will need to see both parts of your driving licence – the photo card and the paper counterpart. In the case of older style paper licences, we will also need to see your passport. If you are going in for your full motorcycle licence you’ll need to bring along your CBT certificate and your Theory Test pass certificate.


Do I need to do any preparation?

Brushing up on your Highway Code knowledge is an absolute must. Even experienced road users are always learning. Pick up a copy of the The Highway Code in a bookshop or check it out online.


What should I wear?

It’s strongly recommended that you wear appropriate footwear and trousers for protection from the unlikely event of any accidents. We’d suggest sturdy boots and combat trousers/jeans as a bare minimum. We can also provide you with good protective equipment in the form of a helmet, motorcycle jacket and gloves.


Should I wear my glasses or contact lenses? 

If you need corrective lenses to see at a distance we’d recommend that you bring them with you. During the CBT and in preparation for your test we will check your eyesight. You must be able to read a vehicle number plate from 20.5 metres, if you need your glasses or contact lenses for this, you must also use them while riding.


What time does the course start?

Our CBT courses usually start at 09:00 and run through til about 16:00, sometimes a little later. Other courses have varied start and finish times. We can sometimes tailor our course timings to suit our customers’ needs and lifestyles.


Do I need my own motorcycle?

No, you do not need your own motorcycle; all our course prices include motorcycle hire. If you would like to use your own motorbike this is perfectly fine, but it must be taxed, insured, MOT’d and road legal (including L plates) – please bring all your relevant documentation with you.


Any other queries?

Just give us a call on 0161 973 3450 or contact us online.